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Sitemap FAQ Glossary

Brenda J. Mills, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
1149 Precinct Line Road Suite D
Hurst, Texas 76053

(817) 929-8508

Appointments made by phone or in person only.

Hours M-Sat. 11-7

Gift Certificates Available

Now accepting all major credit cards, including HSA, (ask your CPA about tax credit.)


Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

View My Resume Here

Continuing Education

Graduated with Honors
From: Texas Massage Institute (Formally known as Wellness Skills)

Passed State Board Exam

From: Kathleen Waters-Harper

Working With Fibromyalgia
From: Tracy Taylor

Trigger Point
From: John Kelly


Stress Reduction Technique
From: Dr. John Martin


Clinical A&P


Medications & Massage
From: Texas Massage Institute

Stretching Techniques Therapy
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From: Gary Johnson of Texas Wesleyan University

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From: Red Cross by Williams CPR and First Aid

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From: Molly Kelly



Myofascial Release Therapy

From: Fani K. Hung



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Teaching Adult Learners

From: Lisa Seguin @ ATI


Building Clientelein a Slow Economy

From: Steve Cartledge



2012 Scoliosis Relief Technque

A Form  Of Medical Massage

From: Don Barnett

2013 Understanding Cravings and Emotions. From: The Institute For Natural Resources (INR)

2014 PTSD, Trauma and Anxiety Disorders From: Institute For Natural Resources (INR)

Jan. 16, 2015, Viruses and Germs

From: Institute For Natural Resources


Sept. 10, 2015, Brain Injury:

Alzheimer's & Head Trauma

From: Institute For Natural Resources


Come and indulge yourself with the ultimate in relaxation. Receive a 90 minute session of Massage Therapy AND or Reflexology.

We start with the soothing and relaxing Swedish Style Massage intended to release tension from the skeletal muscles. Then followed by foot Reflexology which manually stimulates the nerve endings that correspond to the organs and glands of the body. Together, it creates a "dumping" of toxins effect to relieve stress from the inside out. This will manifest the blessing of peace and calm from the inside and out.

Reflexology for the inside and massage therapy for the outside. You will leave feeling great from the inside out so much so, you will be excited to share this with your friends and family!


Why Massage?...In a word ... LOVE. A love to help people feel better and feel the loving power of touch.

Brenda J. Mills, LMT

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2000 and a Reflexologist in 2002.I had my first massage in 1999 and knew from that exact monment, that I wanted to do the same for others. As I began to receive my first massage, I was overwhelmed by my emotions. The feelings of love and companion, by the hands of my therapist, who I didn't even know, made it a challenge to contain my emotions. But as the massage continued, I found it to be more than just relaxing to my body; I found it to be relaxing to my mind and spirit as well. When I got up from the table I was euphoric. I had such a feeling of peace and relaxation, not to mention a little light headedness, I knew I wanted to give others that same feeling. Later in school, I would learned this feeling is known as autointoxication.This is what happens when toxins are loosened and need to be flushed out through the kidneys. This is taken care of by simply drinking extra water for 3 days. So, please allow me to express to you the awesome loving power of safe and appropriate touch through Massage Therapy and Reflexology.

Why Reflexology?

Reflexology may relieve stress from the inside out by improving circulation, increases lymphatic flow, unblocking nerve impulse pathways all working together to help the body to help itself. It may also restore balance to vital energies and has been known to detect early warning signs that the body is struggling in an area.

I developed a love for Reflexology on my way to becoming a Massage Therapist based on my interest and intention of helping others just like my mentor, Barbara Vashti Hicks, better known as Aunt Sissy.

I would go to work with her and watch her as a Reflexologist from the early 1980’s until the day she died in 2004. I was in awe of her and the power of touch that took place by the Grace of God with her clients. She would work out of people’s homes, offices, and on Monday’s, in my granddad's barbershop in Mt. Vernon, Texas. I was amazed at how, just touching the hands, feet, and ears, other parts of the body were effected in a powerful and positive way.

Week after week her clients would have the most positive feedback, along with their Doctor's conformation, on how they had changes in their bodies and felt better and better with more energy. They reported better sleep and more alert over time as repeated sessions continued. She was careful to work closely with their doctors and was able to document her findings, mostly to the doctors' dismay. Her clients became a testament to the power of touch.

My calling...

After years of watching my Aunt Sissy, I felt a calling to carry on with this important work. I am blessed to be able to carry on this work at a time when the health care industry needs help with as many alternatives as possible. Massage Therapy and Reflexology are powerful tools in de-stressing one’s body, mind, and spirit without draining your pocket book and without drugs and their side effects. Most importantly, I love what I do, which is helping people feel good and live a better quality of life. I receive more than I give from my career satisfaction by the feeling of the Divine working through me.
God is the Ultimate Healer; I am blessed to be His

tool. Amen.

Licensed with the State of Texas and hold certificates in advanced coursework.

 Former Member of the Northeast Tarrant Chamber of Commerce

Former Member of DFW Wedding Professionals

         Member of The Leading Edge Referral Networking Group

Hours M-Sat. 11-7

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Western Hills United Methodist Church 

Depression Connection Team 

Teresa’s Treasures Gifts 

North East Tarrant Chamber of Commerce  

Hurst Guide  

Associated Massage & Bodyworkers Professionals 

American Massage Conference 

American Association of Accupuncture & Oriental Medicine 





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